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Boutique resort with swimming pool in Mulshi

The Exclusive Lounge With Pool Near Pune At Our Resort In Mulshi

Whether you want to sit and relax, or want to complete some work, our lounge is the perfect spot for you. The lounge has been crafted by mixing modern styles with traditional architecture. Earthly brown with some hints of blue, it exemplifies a unique look and feel. We are a unique resort in Mulshi with a swimming pool. 


You can sit around and have a chat with your friends, or you can sit alone and relax, the possibilities are endless! Our lounge is also a great spot to host impromptu parties and get-togethers. Our resort in Mulshi with swimming pool is also a great spot to do some work while you soak in the tranquil ambience of the surroundings.

Take a dive in our swimming pool, at our resort near Pune and wash your stress away! Our swimming pool is located in front of our lounge area. It is accessible to all our guests. It is the perfect spot to hang around and have fun with your family or group. 

The lush green ambience around our resort near Pune with swimming pool enhances the guest experience. You can either way back and have a relaxing swim, or you can call your group and have a blast! You will always feel fresh and rejuvenated at our resort in Mulshi with swimming pool. 

Pool Timings And Rules

We have great news for you! We have no limits on pool timings. You can take a dip whenever you want to! However, you need to follow certain rules for your own safety to have a great experience at our resort near Pune with swimming pool. 


  • You cannot dive inside the pool. 

  • Wear proper swimwear.  

  • No food or drinks near the pool. 

  • Children below 12 need to be accompanied by their parents to use the pool. 

  • No littering around the pool. 

Swimming pool with lounge near Pune.
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